ne.. !


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Posted on Wed 22 Oct 2008 19:46

Ohh What a surprise !! Nice to meet you my hidden diarys fan haha.. can I say so?
I cant even remember when I did start to write this online diary, maybe since 2003?
But anyway, it doesnt really matter its just quite long time ago.. !

Well, I like this feeling through. Its a bit kinda nostalgia & the meet cute
I love this 2 words and its meaning ne~~

Well, do mo ari nga to for sharing your point of view about Retro & Vintage
Yes, you said it right! Its already there! and its introduced itself in Fashion Industry by fashion guru? Im not the one of fashions victim but I adore it for my own passion.
I wont categorize myself to any style and quite like many others.. Ill wear it just the way I like it.. Ill take it just because I like it.. sometimes, theres no any reason to support .. but I prefer something CHIC !!

Again, you end up beautifully :p~

Have a nice day too..
Fri 24 Oct 2008 12:17 [2]

ͺŧ? ẺҪͺŧҡ ͺաҡ پǡҹ˹ ǹ蹹͡ǡǹ ҡ

ͺͧ¤鹵ŧ "I can't remember what I planned tomorrow" !! haha.. who cares!! ҳ..
Thu 23 Oct 2008 17:16 [1]